HealthTrails   is a wellness program that combines Travel, Healthy Habits and Team-building, all in one.

Workplace Wellness That Works.

How It Works

Participants travel on famous virtual trails from around the world while practicing healthy habits. HealthTrails takes them on an inspiring and immersive journey.

And happy employees do amazing things.

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Desktop & Mobile

Whether it's fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight control, or anything else, HealthTrails allows you to customize a corporate wellness program that gets your participants on the path to better health.

Track health improvements on interactive trails from all over the world. Our desktop and mobile apps are equipped with an interactive message board, a walking route creator, and many more features.

Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees.

Fit Your Needs

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Team competition.

Competitions are a proven way to increase participation.

To reward team spirit and cooperation, scores are based on the team's average, not the total.

Trails From All Around The World.

Images and descriptions that make participants feel like they are right there in the middle of the Mid State Trail, Iceland, Dubai, Denmark West Coast Trailor or other trails around the globe.

Nancy North

Doing the program gives you an incentive to try and reach the goals, even if you can't. And it's a fun way to jump start your way to better health. Having a phone app makes it even easier.

6-week Program - $11.98


All-In-One Group License


Per Registrant License

Simple plans to fit your company needs.


Eligible Population – Price

Up to 5,000 – $18,712

10,000 – $36,480

15,000 – $53,305

20,000 – $69,187

25,000 – $84,125

30,000 – $98,119

35,000 – $111,170

40,000 – $123,278

45,000 – $134,442

50,000 – $144,663

55,000 – $153,940

60,000 – $162,274

65,000 – $169,665

70,000 – $176,111

75,000 – $181,615

80,000 – $186,175

85,000 – $189,792

90,000 – $192,465

95,000 – $194,194

100,000 – $194,981

>100,000 – Custom Quote


1. One-time (per campaign) setup fee.

2. One-time per registrant fee.

8-week Program - $13.48

One time fee - $2,000

52-week Program - $17.98

Device Integration (optional) — $799*

Plans & Pricing.

A group license covers your entire eligible population. It includes setup, coordinator training, account management, real-time participation reports, and end-of-program summary.



1. Setup and account management

2. Per registrant fees

12-week Program - $14.97


*Integration is free with the purchase of 250+ Fitbit   devices. 

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